Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NK News: Jong-Un Warned to Not Touch Jong-Nam

Kim Jong-Nam (38)
People close to Kim Jong-Un have said recently that Jong-Un planned to attack his older brother Kim Jong-Nam, pictured here. Jong-Nam, known for his loose lips about his discontent with the current North Korean regime, was exiled to China in 2001 after trying to visit a Disney Land in Tokyo with a fake passport, indicating he was from the Dominican Republic. Sources close to Jong-nam said Jong-un's aides tried "to do something to Kim Jong-nam, who has a loose tongue abroad," but it seems China warned them not to lay a hand on him on Chinese soil. All of this comes after Jong-nam said Sunday that he is against hereditary rule in North Korea. He also actively refuses to return to North Korea.

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  1. Wow. Just wow. I'd love to see China and N.K go at it. After all the policing that I've seen the U.S. do, it might be a nice break to see how other countries handle it.